PACTUM Law is specialized in supporting Danish companies when making agreements with customers, suppliers, partners and investors all over the world.
PACTUM’s clients enjoy easy and to-the-point access to professional assistance when and where needed, as well as a high hit-rate of successful negotiations.


What is PACTUM?

Facts about PACTUM

2003 PACTUM was founded in 2003 by attorney-at-law Søren Holmark.

250 PACTUM has represented investors or founders in more than 500 investments.

10B PACTUM’s attorneys have been involved in transactions exceeding DKK 10 billion.

90 % More than 90 percent of turnover is from returning clients.


PACTUM is a boutique law firm situated in Copenhagen, Denmark. We have represented entrepreneurs and other innovators in industries such as IT, telecom, electronics, and gaming and are regularly assisting some of the leading Danish venture capitalists.

Our focus is on legal matters relevant to startups and investors such as corporate law, intellectual property law, license agreements, employment law, lease of commercial property, and general contract law.

Søren Holmark is licensed by the Danish Ministry of Justice, member of the Danish Bar Association and covered by professional liability insurance.

PACTUM collaborates with attorney-at-law David Bluhm, active in the Silicon Valley area of California (


Among PACTUM's core competencies are:

Solving other types of legal issues especially for high tech companies.

Review of draft contracts from business partners. Specific suggestions for adjustments with special attention to protection of the client’s IPR. Templates for sales systems such as distributors and representatives.

  • Formation of companies,
  • capital increases,
  • convertible bonds,
  • warrants/options programs,
  • restructuring, including mergers and demergers,
  • liquidations.

Providing general terms of sale and licensing to support efficient sales processes - see example of general terms. Purchase terms towards suppliers to protect the supply chain.

Review of non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) - PACTUM’s standard NDA can be downloaded here. Drafting of agreements regarding development/configuration of technology, license agreements and collaboration agreement with private and public research institutions. Investment agreements and shareholders’ agreements between innovators, public and private equity funds and business angels.


In addition to advice from Søren Holmark, PACTUM offers advice from Jens-Christian Jensen

Søren Holmark

Søren Holmark (born 1968) is an attorney-at-law admitted to practice law by the Danish Ministry of Justice and member of the Danish Bar and Law Society. Søren Holmark is admitted to the bar of the Eastern and Western High Courts of Denmark. Søren Holmark has co-founded ePact, which markets an app for signing contracts digitally.

Søren Holmark holds an executive MBA from SIMI.

From 1997 to 2003 Søren Holmark worked as corporate counsel in a major Danish industrial conglomerate.

+45 4014 3224


Søren Holmark

Jens-Christian Jensen

Jens-Christian Jensen (born 1976) is a Danish Lawyer and has worked with venture capital since 2001. He surrendered his license to practise law as an attorney in July 2022 and from here on, Jens-Christian Jensen provides legal advice but no longer litigates.

Jens-Christian Jensen joined PACTUM in 2013 and works with investments, corporate law, employment law, and lease of commercial property. Aside from PACTUM, Jens-Christian Jensen has co-founded and runs a fast growing, online legal publisher, eLov.

Jens-Christian Jensen is also a co-founder ePact, a solution for signing contracts digitally.

+45 2579 4747


Jens-Christian Jensen


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